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to the united states. >>> security scare. newark airport locked down for hours after an unknown man slipped past the screening check point. >> as you can see, absolute chaos. >>> and touching the sky. dwarfing the competition, the world's tallest building open for business. this is the cbs morning news for for business. this is the cbs morning news for monday, january 4th, 2010. captioning funded by cbs >>> good morning and thanks for joining us. i'm michelle gielan. this morning the obama administration is instituting new security measures for all passengers flying in to the united states. and passengers from 14 nations will be subject to particularly intense screenings. tara mergener is this washington with details. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. well, these international travelers will be facing new scrutiny now. the tsa calls it a major step forward. starting came, all travelers who want to get into the u.s. will have to play by tough new security rules. but people flying from nations considered to be sponsors of terrorism or other countries of interest will see the biggest changes
>>> madame speaker, the president of the united states. >> job one. president obama says he gets the message. tackling the economy and unemployment must take center stage. >> jobs must be our number one focus in 2010. >>> more trouble for toyota. the world's largest automaker expands its recall in the united states and in europe. >>> and super controversy. a super bowl ad starring university of florida quarterback tim tebow tackles the abortion issue. is this the "cbs morning news" for thursday, january 28th, is this the "cbs morning news" for thursday, january 28th, 2010. captioning funded by cbs >>> good morning. glad you're with us. i'm michelle gielan. this morning president obama heads to florida to announce a grant for a high speed rail system. it's an enterprise to create jobs and job creation was the central theme of last night's state of the union address. the president acknowledged mistakes, chastised republicans and promised to move forward. tara mermgner is in washington with details. >> reporter: well, the president had a lot riding politically on that speech. last n
statements relative to the united states' position on the issue with the bombing and additional security that is takiki place right now at airports around the world. as you know, from have been increased security measures put in place at airports for people entering the united states, including patdowns, additional screenings and some cases they are hand checking luggage and going through every, single item that's inside a piece of luggage before allowing it to be put on board an therapy is inbound for the united states. the president, of course, was in hawaii at the time of this bombing, the attempted bombing of the flight that arrived in detroit, michigan a couple of weeks ago, and he has made strong statements in terms of what happened and why it happened. a lot of finger pointing has been going on for the past week or so over who is responsible for allowing this passenger to get on board with explosives in his underwear. you'll recall a gentleman from africa was on his way to the united states and attempted to ignite a substance packed in his clothing. people on board the flight wres
and cannot fly into the united states. since the detroit attack, the white house has ordered a review. sources say the national counterterrorism center has now sent hundreds of new names to the f.b.i. and the f.b.i. has upgraded hundreds of names from the master watch list to the selectee category. but for intelligence officials, it's a daunting challenge, trying to identify the true terrorists among a mass of suspects. >> there isn't a magic formula or a magic google program that will spew out a defined list of bad people. there has to be a human component here, and there's judgment at play and that judgment can be faulty. and we saw that in this recent case of abdulmutallab. >> reporter: now, officials say no watch list is perfect, but as a first line of defense, it has to be better than it was on christmas day. katie? >> couric: bob orr in washington. thanks, bob. turning to the economy now, the experts had been hoping, even expecting, that the latest jobs report today would show at least some improvement. but it didn't. the labor department said the unemployment rate held at 10% i
of haiti will have the full support of the united states in the urgent effort to rescue those trapped beneath the rubble and to deliver the humanitarian relief, the food, water, and medicine that haitians will need in the coming days. i pledge to the people of haiti that you will have a friend and partner in the united states of america today and going forward. >> smith: haiti is about 700 miles from miami sharing the caribbean island of hispaniola with the dominican republic. about nine million people live there, most in poverty. and katie couric tells us now many people woke up today to find what little they had was gone. >> couric: dawn is supposed to bring hope, but today sunlight revealed hundreds dead in the streets of port-au-price. (screaming) >> couric: parents have lost children and children have lost parents. survivors not overcome with grief are using their bare hands to remove the rubble, hoping to find signs of life. it's now a race to save the people buried against the destroyed neighborhoods and shantytowns of the capital city. >> information the full extent of the dam
is a low pressure system developing here in the central united states. eventually we'll start seeing clouds. sundays, late monday morning, afternoon before it clears out. it'll be too warm, expect maybe if it starts early enough to our north and west. then maybe a little sleet mixed in for just a brief time. and once the low pressure passes the region. once it gets off the east coast it's possible maybe enough cooler, could be a little bit of light wet snow. for the most part we're looking at rain. mild temperatures, relatively speaking we're talking the low 40s. west winds, five to 10 knots. clear and partly cloudy tonight, 26, tomorrow we'll see sun, mild temps up to 50. we got up to 50 today. clouds at night, good chance of rain on sunday. , 42, 44 and 42, partly cloudy skies. >>> coming up, another road trip for the ravens, the bags are packed for indianapolis. mark has the ,,,,,,,,,, produce with a 100% guarantee... means freshness is always in season. rancher's reserve beef, guaranteed tender, says you're always ready to grill. and now, safeway has a new promise. a commitment to thous
, be the first new year's baby of 2010 for all of the united states. olivia rose alan has won her first competition and she's not even a -day-old. >> yeah, it was exciting. >> reporter: she's the first new year's baby of 2010, born four seconds after midnight at the greater baltimore center in townsend. >> i could have pushed a little bit sooner. and i thought, at least wait five minutes, and i said, okay. he had his heart set on it. >> reporter: the doctored delivered the first baby of the state, he didn't expect to deliver the new baby of the country. >> reporter: were you celebrating? >> no, i'm usually asleep. >> i thought she would deliver around midnight. √°eut it was a very normal delivery. >> reporter: this little boy was first in massachusetts, another girl was first in florida, but none came into the world before this little maryland baby olivia. who's parents said they high fived knowing their baby's would get fireworks for every birthday. >> we joked with everybody, we have to get her in time for the tax deduction. but this is a lot neater. >> the nurses here at the hospital
of the united states? well, president obama received a summons for jury duty at the courthouse in chicago. however, with his first state of the union speech set for wednesday, the president is just a little busy this week. he has alerted the court he can't make it. a lot of other things on his plate right now. >>> still to come on wjz eyewitness news tonight, oil spill aftermath. texan residents take refuge with the oil. >>> caught on tape, a customer at a jewelry store decides to take the goods and run. >>> an important recall you need to know about. could salmonella be in your lunch meat? that's coming up. >>> the baltimore boat show sails into town. i'm gigi bar net. coming up. -- gigi barnett. >>> i'm bernadette woods, there's a flash flood watch in effect and warnings in effect through tomorrow. we'll have your complete first warning forecast coming up when wjz eyewitness news returns. ,,, >>> a massive sink hole in san antonio, texas, leaves residents on edge. nearly two dozen homes are in danger of dropping into the hole. a series of cracking opened up in a retaining wall this morn
somali extremists were planning on coming to the united states and detonating explosives while president obama took the oath of office. well, it turns out they were all rumors based on some false reports. >> all right, whit johnson in washington. whit, thanks. >>> the secret service now says there was a third gate crasher at that white house state dinner in november. he's identified as carlos allen by the "washington post." a party promoter in washington. like tareq and mikhail a la hey, he got into the affair without being on the guest list, he was with a group of indian business leaders brought to the affair by the state department. >> there was a group that was under our responsibility that went from a local hotel to the bho white house and there was a person not authorized to be in that group who encertificated hems or her self into that group. >> allen unlike sat la salahis never got close to the 3rd. >>> turning to the bitter cold. the deep freeze extends from the southeast to the midwest and is expected to last the rest of the week. the at least one death is blamed on the unusuall
that al qaeda in yemen was actively recruiting people to attack the united states but those agencies failed to follow through. >> rather than a failure to collect or share gel skwrepbs, this was a failure to connect and understand the intelligence that we already had. >> reporter: the review ordered by the president finds that the u.s. government had sufficient information prior to attempted december 25 attack to have potentially disrupted the al qaeda plot. but when the president met in the oval office to review terrorist threats just three days before the attack, umar farouk abdulmutallab was not even on the list, despite a series of red flags. >> what's new here and what's important and dramatic is the fact that you have an al qaeda affiliate trying to hit the homeland directly. >> reporter: numerous officials, including the president's top homeland security advisors say they share in the blame. >> i told president today i let him down. >> reporter: the head of the national counterterrorism center left for a ski vacation shortly after the attack, meeting with the white house by se
knew that they sought to strike the united states, and that they were recruiting operatives to do so, the intelligence community did not aggressively follow up on and prioritize particular streams of intelligence, related to a possible attack against the homeland. second, this contributed to a larger failure of analysis. a failure to connect the dots of intelligence that existed across our intelligence community and which, together, could have revealed that abdulmutallab was planning an attack. third, this, in turn, fed into shortcomings in the watch community, which resulted in this person being placed on the no-fly list, thieb -- thereby allowing him to board the plane in amsterdam. in summary, the u.s. government had the information, scattered throughout the system, to potentially uncover this plot and disrupt the attacks. rather than a failure to collect or share intelligence, this was a failure to connect and understand the intelligence that we already have. and that's why we took swift action in the immediate days following christmas, including reviewing and updating the terror
rush. >>> the united states has grounded all planes bound for haiti at the request of the haitian government. these include flights carrying humanitarian aid. there is no room on the ground for the planes and no fuel for the planes to return. they hope to have planes back in the air later today or tomorrow. that is your money watch report. >>> coming up next on eyewitness news at 4:00, back in the hot seat. mark sanford faces his peers as they look to reprimand him to use state aircraft to visit his mistress. >>> the sun was out bringing warmth, but is it all over? the answer is just ahead in first warning weather. >>> eyewitness news is always on. go to for the latest on the news and weather. >>> finally a break in our temperatures. the cold grip that had us by the neck haslett us go. we are looking at 49 degrees. it feels like a heat wave compared to the 20s and 30s. 49 is above the average for this time of year of 41. we have finally gone above the normal temperatures. 18 is the dew point now. 28% relative humidity with a nice south wind at 5 miles an hour. 30.22" and r
and actually seeing seeing hatred then and love now it's wonderful. >> god bless. god bless the united states of america. >> wow. hard to remove yourself as a newsperson from the emotions and the history of that day, but standing all the way down there at the lincoln memorial with reggie and with other folks that we had never met before it was profound. it was as profound a moment as i have ever experienced in this field. >> if you don't mind me saying this, you got emotional watching it. >> yeah just watching it. i was able to go as a citizen. many of us came to town i get emotional thinking about it. i came from parents who had to go to n many cases segregated schools. my integrated the university i eventually attended. it's hard to separate the emotion. >> my parents, the things they went through, things my grandparents went through, on that day, it was an african-american being sworn in as president of the united states. >> um-hum. >> you were sitting in that crowd, and you looked around and you saw people who had made it in wheelchairs and walkers, on this bitter c
>> glor: tonight the deep-freeze tightens its grip over the united states and a bitter cold is likely to go on for days. i am jeff glor, also tonight, after the attack on a cia in afghanistan, a rare revelation of the identities of murder erred asians. where america stands on food safety. how do we stack up against other countries and how do we prevent the most vulnerable americans from becoming dangerously ill? >> it got worse and worse, and it felt like killer pain. >> glor: and dashboard distractions, will the next generation of in car gadgets lure drivers into taking their eyes off the road? captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with jeff glor. >> glor: good evening, the new year has been a cold year for most americans and this weekend is no exception. a deep-freeze is forecast to engulf virtually all of the continental united states overnight. the south is particularly ill prepared for such bone chilling weather. mark strassmann is in atlanta tonight. mark, good evening. >> reporter: good evening, jeff. it was 12 degrees outside here first thing thi
of thousands. the first words from haiti's ambassador to the united states were prophetic. >> i'm quite sure we will need everything. >> reporter: the pictures have become familiar. the presidential palace had all but collapsed. so had block after block, neighborhood after neighborhood, gone. a police station destroyed. the university flattened. >> we need more people down here. >> reporter: united nations headquarters, gone. the few helpers that remained had to help themselves. everywhere there were frantic efforts to pull people from the debris. tons of debris. the few happy endings offset by horrific scenes on corner after corner. port-au-prince was on its own. as the sun rose on wednesday, the earthquake's impact could be seen not just in the city but in surrounding neighborhoods. in the best of times, haiti is the poorest country in the western hemisphere. four out of five people here live in poverty. with hospitals collapsed and no doctors or ambulances in the streets, people realized it was up to them. right now we're outside a hospital. it is an almost indescribable scene of anguish wit
. >> madam speaker, the president of the united states. (cheers and applause) >> couric: and with that, the president enters the chamber and it happens every time, bob. >> schieffer: one of the great boosts to the ego of all time. there's nothing like this walk. he gets a standing ovation, he'll get back up there, they'll give him another standing ovation, then he'll be introduced and he gets yet another standing ovation. and, of course, these members of congress, internss... send people..., interns, to sit close to the aisle all day so they get to be there and get on television when the president comes marching by. quite an evening. >> couric: it's a very friendly environment here, which is quite different than the toxic environment on capitol hill. when the speech begins, that's what gets interesting in terms of who claps and who sits on their hands. >> one of the more amusing things is to watch what divides this chamber when the president bashes wall street. the democrats will stand up. if he eludes to the fact he wants to cut taxes, you will sometimes get derisive cheers from the r
here. the billy buster on an issue is not the same as seating a member in the united states senate regardless what have's going on in the senate. there is a process that unfolds. the secretary of state does what at the need to do, the senate does what it needs to do. and the fact that they've already made it very clear that we will be on structure had this process, that we will change the rules in order for us to get our way in the senate to me is not what the voters are going to the polls about. >> so you're saying they're trying to do something illegal? >> illegal is left for lawyers to decide. what i'm saying is that there is a process. and when you have congressman wiener and others saying our job will be to delay and obstruct this process, in order to speed it up if we can do that, to me goes counter to what the voters in massachusetts are doing. they are expects they'll elect a united states senator and they expect that senator to be seated in a timely fashion and if that doesn't happen, a lot of weight on the democrats' head in washington. >> and just so you understand what
that of the united states. it is the highest rate of hiv infection in all of the americas. as you have seen from the devastation, the country's infrastructure ranks among the worst in the world. before the quake the country was still trying to recover from four different hurricanes that hit in 2008 and killed 800 people and left about 500,000 people homeless. let's go over now to maggie for more. >> thank you, harry. joining me is pras michel, cousin of wyclef jean, and they have traveled on several humanitarian missions to haiti. good morning. i know you have family in haiti, so i have to ask, have you been able to reach them? are they all right? >> most of my family is in north america but the very few that were down there, we were ant able to get in touch with them. i spoke to a very good close of my friend this morning right before i came here and she was explaining to me what happened down in haiti. >> tell me, because you've traveled to this country many times on humanitarian missions. this is a country that even before this disaster needed great help and great attention from the world. >>
for this sunday morning, the third of january, 2010. the united states has closed its embassy in yemen following threats from an al qaeda-linked group. officials say they were not taking any chances amid what is being described as an active threat. the move comes a day after president obama said yemen-based militants were behind the attempt to bomb a plane near detroit on christmas day. britain has chresed its embassy as well. a somali man with suspected links to al qaeda was carried into a danish courtroom yesterday where he was charged with attempted murder. the axe-wielding suspect was shot by police after breaking into the home of danish cartoonist on friday. his cartoon representation of mohammed three years ago outraged the muslim world. police in mexico have struck back at that nation's notorious drug cartel. the arrest of carlos belltron comes three weeks after one of his brothers died in the shootout with government troops. after the shootout, the government stormed the house of a soldier who died in the battle killing his mother and four other relatives. the f.a.a. is increasing its ov
not only across the united states, but especially as a military community, bonding with family, with loved ones. >> reporter: brothers in arms, drawing ranks against grief. even as the larosas reach out to others. >> my heart goes to all the haitians and the families who have suffered further loss during the quake. and in the coming week, i hope you will keep my children and the people of hate neyour thought -- haiti in your thought and prayers. >> reporter: alex demetrick, wjz eyewitness news. >> and as part of our continuing community commitment, wjz is proud to bring you "hope for haiti," a global, commercial-free telethon, hosted by george clooney, wyclef jean, and anderson cooper. hope for haiti features celebrity appearances. you can see it live here on wjz 13, beginning tonight at 8:00. >>> a presidential task force is recommending that 35 guantanamo bay detainees face trial here in the united states. five of those would be tried in federal court in new york. another six will face military commissions. this comes as president obama works to close guantanamo bay prison. right now, th
and rescue efforts today. united states search and rescue teams have not pulled any survivors from the rubble in more than 24 hours. so the focus is now on keeping the people who survive the quake alive. in a few days, the government will move 400,000 people out into the outskirts of the capital. >>> a fort meade family who lost two children in last week 53 quake -- quake were comforted today. alexalex demetrick reports, they were at the service, where loss was met with prayer. >> reporter: inside the chapel, devastation was met with devotion. >> with quiet confidence, we offer our prayers for you, the people of haiti, stricken by violence, terrified, and devastation on a national scale. >> oh, lord, hear our prayers. >> reporter: and for the family, haiti's nightmare is their own. they were there for the funeral of larose's father, when would quake hit. three stories of concrete fell. de la rosa's 9-year-old son luis philippe was killed. as was their 11-year-old daughter deborah. >> i lost two of my children. last week was very difficult for me and my family. we grieve for my family and for
into the united states. >>> the u.s. comfort is now treating its first patients. two children were air lifted from haiti on to the ship. >>> our media partner the baltimore sun has reported that mcgarrell died after running back into his hotel room to grab his computer. >>> as part of our continuing community commitment, cw is proud to bring you hope for haiti. you can see it this friday beginning at 8:00 p.m. >>> governor omalley declared his budget plan for this coming fiscal year and how he plans to make up for a $2 million shortfall. some 200 state worker positions are being eliminated. most of those jobs are currently unfilled. furloughs are also included in the plan. >> we will be reorganized and downsizing state agencies in order to realize savings amounting to $2 million. >>> the plan relies too much on federal funds that are not yet guaranteed. governor omalley will present the plan to the general assembly tomorrow. the fiscal year starts in july. >>> hartford county is facing their own budget problems. the county is facing a budget crisis. you can read more in tomorrow's baltimore sun. >
across the united states. we may not be seeing a light at the end of the tunnel. looking at the graphic, the arctic is unloaded. an area of low pressure offshore to bring home a point. that as long as we have areas of low pressure to the east and northeast as we have now and as we will have this weekend, we'll keep funneling air in from the hudson bay. that's some of the coldest air in canada. 28 in cumberland. 32 rock hall and 31 kent island and low 30s in d.c. that's the actual. here is the reality, with a 16 miles per hour wind coming through, we're talking about windchills that are not pretty like 20 and below. looks like we will get a bit of a break, just a bit of a break, as the winds diminish. we start talking about it, more low pressure to the east. it's going to get ugly. first warning details coming up. >>> stay with wjz for first warning coverage for updates and your live look at doppler radar. go to >>> republican state senator announced his plans to run again for maryland's congressional seat. he's making four appearances today to announce his candidacy. he lost
in pakistan and yemen and other countries that want to an attack us in the united states. >> reporter: this family in finland will keep flying. >> we cannot live with the fear. we have to live our lives. >> reporter: he says, if not, the terrorists have won. in newark, new jersey, karen brown, cbs news. >> speaking of air travel, an event in the sky for airtran passengers as the tsa says a flight on the way from atlanta to san francisco had to be diverted to colorado springs due to an unruly passenger. he locked himself in the bathroom and what he did next was frightening. >> unruly passenger came out of the bathroom with no shoes or socks and a razor. >> they tasered the man. he fell to the ground. >> bomb-sniffing dogs searched the plane. no explosives or evidence of terrorism were found. after a three-hour delay, the plane continued on to the destination of san francisco. >>> maryland will discussion stiffer laws for child sex offenders. wee have suzanne collin was more. sarah haley foxwell's body was found in the woods on christmas day. thomas james leggs has been convicted twice
processed every year in baltimore county. >>> toyota recalls are going beyond the united states. the automaker recalls vehicles in europe and china. they're said to have had the same gas pedal problems. they will start a recall there in china. they have suspended u.s. saled -- sales because of the accelerate tear. >>> looking for answers, a funeral held for the former olympic skater nancy. >> lets look live outside this noon, meteorologist tim williams will be back with your first warning weather forecast. , the father of nancy kerrigan was laid to rest. he died after a heart attack after a violent struggle with his son. mark plead guilty to assault. now they're waiting to find out how he died. >>> it's confirmed that presidential hopeful john edwards and his wife have separate. it coming after an aid is releasing a tell-all book about the affair. edwards issued a brief statement saying it's extraordinarily sad moment. >>> would ground hogs day be the same without the festival? they want to replace it with a robotic stand in. they claim it's unfair to keep phil in captivity
, but he had to focus on the economy. the president of the united states. >> reporter: president obama enters congress for his first state of the union address. one year in, the president says that the economy and job creation are at the top of his agenda. >> people are out of work, they're hurting. they need our help. i want a jobs bill on my desk without delay. >> reporter: he spoke about last year's bank bailout. >> i hated it, you hated it, it was about as popular as a root canal. >> reporter: he's proposing new tax credit. >> a new tax credit for one million small businesses who hire new workers or raise wages. while we're at it, let's also eliminate all gains on small business investments and provide a tax incentives for all large businesses an all small businesses to invest in plants and equipment. >> reporter: congress says it does not make sense and will not work. >> reporter: it's a small step. the circumstances of our time demand that we reconsider and restore the proper role of government at every level? the president addressed the debate of health care. >> our approach
batteries instead of being made in asia will be made in the united states by u.s. workers. for us that's a huge opportunity. not just to put people back to work but to transform our economy as well. >> schieffer: let me just shift slightly here and go back to something that all of you have mentioned. that was this election of scott brown. what do you think that means for republicans, senator barbour? after all, this is not mississippi-style republican that got elected. he's fairly liberal on some issues. >> he's very much a moderate republican. i thrill it's a reminder to republicans that we don't need purity. we need to elect the best people we can elect. scott brown is the best senator for massachusetts. but you're right. he certainly is not as conservative as i am. that's healthy and good. what does it mean? i hope what it means is since the democrats can't get 60 votes on a partisan basis in the senate, they will quit trying to ram stuff down the country's throat on a 60-vote partisan vote. i hope that's what it means. if it does it will really not only have been a volcano in terms
batteries to make sure that plant is the most productive plant in the united states of america. >> reporter: the money will go toward a new facility that will build electric motors to be used in hybrid and electric cars and trucks. >> this is the first facility here in the entire country to make these electric motors. >> the expanse of this -- expansion of this plant will generate a significant influx of income and jobs in the greater baltimore area. >> reporter: allison says 200 people will be added to their staff. and the announcement ensures current employees job security. >> being a gm employee for as long as i have, this is actually new. and as they indicated, you went from having jobs that were in mexico, well, potentially in mexico, now they're coming to us here in maryland. >> reporter: the plant first went green by manufacturing hybrid transmissions. >> this is a big announcement for maryland. and potentially a big announcement for our country. because this is the next generation of electric ride motors for automobiles. >> reporter: in addition to the 200 jobs created here in in ma
by the united states government along with other governments effectively dealing with the food shortage, the information shortage, the water shortage, the, you know, the security situation. which want to be around to help on the rebuilding aspects of this. the lesson i've learned on all the crises or catastrophes during my presidency was people want to help. that's why when the president asked me to join with bill to create a mechanism where they could help, i was happy to do so. by the way it happens to be a clinton-bush haiti fund dot-org. >> schieffer: is there a structure in place, i would ask both of you, to ensure that this money gets to the people? i mean, how can people be certain that this money is going to to the people? >> right now, it's interesting you say that because when the u.n. system broke down after, you know, our headquarters was destroyed there and i was working for the u.n., i set up an emergency fund on my website just to stand for them. right now, we know who is down there and who is good. we just... anybody gives us money now we're going to flow it right throug
and children. the vicious attacks prompted the united states to end its support for take dam. >>> turning to the "moneywatch," stocks tumbled this morning and emily smith is here with that and more. >> reporter: asian markets got hammer dad following a fifth straight day. the nikkei dropped almost 2%, while the hang seng fell nearly 2.5%. wall street put a stop to its three day slide where the dow gained 23 points, the nasdaq up 5. general motors is moving full force into the electric car business. the automaker says starting in 2013, it plans to build its own electric motors for hybrid and electric vehicles. gm do you rememberly buys them from outside suppliers. the company also announced they'll back more than $6 billion in government loans and will pay those government loans byup. federal reserve chairman ben bernanke should know by the end of the week if he still has a job. the senate appears ready to confirm him for a second term. for now he's focused on interest rates. the fed's two day policy meeting begins today. it's expected to it leave rates unchanged. >>> meanwhile home resale
christie. >>> international travelers are finding security a lot tighter for flights to the united states. security measures are in place for 13 new countries. >> reporter: pat downs, full body scans and full searches of luggage. >> it's difficult but we have to do it. >> reporter: in newarck, passengers said that security was very tight every step of the way. >> they did pat us down, they were very thorough. >> reporter: the new security after an attempt to blow up a plane. the suspect, umar farouk. surveillance video confirms the man managed to enter through an exit, never going through a security check. he left about 20 minutes later but flights were grounded for six hours while the entire terminal was checked. flights are still running on schedule. and security is going to be one of the topics when president obama returns to the united states. >>> all right, well, wow. we are really in some cold weather. >> welcome to winter. this is really standard for january. it's going to remain cold in this five day forecast. right into the weekend, so ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, >>> that is pretty. >> tha
are finding security a lot tighter for flights to the united states. new security measures are now in effect in 14 countries. jana choi has the latest from newarck airport. >> reporter: pat downs, full body scans and full checks of luggage. travelers from 14 countries are encountering new tougher security screening for flights to the united states. >> it's difficult. but we have to do it. >> reporter: in newarck passengers on international flights say security was very tight every step of the way. >> if they went through all of the carry on suitcases, everything was opened up. and they did pat us down, they were very thorough. >> reporter: the new measures after an attempt to blow up a plane on christmas day. there's new concerns, a man was seen coming in through an emergency exit, never being checked. airport security will be among the first order orders of business when president obama returns to work. >> the transportation security administration outlined the new security rules in a directive sent to airlines sunday. >>> a washington, d.c. couple shocked the nation after getting into a s
in the united states. >> the instability in yemen is a threat to regional stability and even global stability. >> couric: and yemen's crushing poverty-- nearly half of its 22 million people live off less than $2 a day-- makes it fur tile ground for recruiting terrorists. now, until recently, u.s. policy was to help yemen fight its own battle against terrorists. but david martin tells us tonight that's changed. the u.s. military is now ready to strike. >> reporter: the u.s. embassy in yemen remained close under threat of attack, while offshore a u.s. carrier and a warship armed with cruise missile waited for orders to strike al qaeda targets. as one pentagon official put it "we've stirred up a hornet's nest." u.s. jets and cruise missiles launched two strikes against al qaeda last month in which a number of senior operatives are believed to have been killed, along with would be suicide bombers on their way to the country's capital where the american embassy is located. couple that with the attempt to blow up an american airliner on christmas day, and you can see al qaeda in yemen was trying to
, food, medicine and shelter we have. the united states military has helped to make the airport operational, haitian government has recovered its decision making ability. we'll still cleaning out the u.n., our building where i was working. we still have a lot of people under the rocks, but i'm confident a lot of them will be found alive. we've got to keep doing that. so the main hinge is you're going to see every day the capacity to organize this will be better, but mean while, you have more and more people who haven't had any sleep for two days, haven't had any food, haven't had any water. and they're walking around at night with no lights organization stepping over bodies living and dead. in this environment, the most important thing all the rest of us can do is give even small amounts of cash for food medicine water and for shelter. and we're also trying to do a little bit for protection. and we're getting the capacity is building up now. >> mr. president, someone suggested there's to need for donations, that people have already paid for whatever ne
." that puts britain on par with the threat level currently here in the united states. officials say it means a terrorist attack is highly likely but not imminent. nearly 200 terror suspects remain in custody at guantanamo bay in cuba. as bob orr reports, they were supposed to be gone by today. >> reporter: president obama made the promise on his second day in office. >> guantanamo will be closed no later than one year from now. >> reporter: but on this deadline day, the guantanamo prison is still open and big obstacles remain. a justice department task force concludes 50 of the 196 terror suspects held at gitmo can't be tried but are too dangerous to be released. that means president obama may be forced to continue the bush administration's practice of holding some prisoners without charges. >> it is illegal, it is against over 200 years of united states law that we don't hold people indefinitely without charge. >> reporter: at the moment, there's no place to move those detainees. congress so far has not supporting a plan to house them at this illinois prison. of the remaining prisoners, the
erin and her brother yesterday. he did not make it. she's in stable condition in the united states. molly is here. >> if it's too much longer then we don't have any choice any more, we can't send her. we have to find a way of doing a cremation. >> reporter: her body was found at 4:00 this morning and brought down from the hills. and her parents would like to bring her body home, but with the infrastructure challenges, katie, it may take quite a while. >> couric: everything is such a challenge here. what about the rescue and recovery workers. it must be so difficult for them. >> reporter: it really is. if you look behind us you see how difficult it. is we were standing right here the day after the earthquake watching these rescue missions. this is what it looked like the day after. this man was calling to rescue workers after and several nourse the beating sun they were able to pull him out and he was alive. >> couric: kelly, thank you so much. and i'll have much more from haiti a little later in the broadcast but for now let's go to harry resmith in new york. >> smith: katie, thank
focus the day after tomorrow. bill plante reports. >> the president of the united states. >> reporter: in the state of the union address, president obama will deliver wednesday, he'll be seeking to reconnect with the millions of americans who have voted for change but didn't see it in his first year. he's on the cover of two news magazines this week, one asking the question now what? loss of the democratic senate seat in massachusetts set off the alarm. a "washington post" poll shows almost two-thirds who voted for republican scott brown said they opposed the democrats' agenda. the president's advisors said goat the message and that the state of the union speech will focus on jobs anded economy. >> i think the president will go through a series of things, how do we continue to work to get our economy back on track, how do we put main street in better shape. >> reporter: the long debate in washington about health care may have been a turnover for voters. >> if you look at the polls out of massachusetts, people reacted as much to the process as anything else. were there things we could
this much salt out of your daily diet could help reduce 10,000 states in the united states. at the prime rib restaurant in baltimore, city states attorney pat jesney says she's concerned about salt but also any attempt to legislate health. >> i don't know if i want government telling me how much salt to add to my food. but i do think that as consumers, we need to know the risk of certain things. >> i also think that processed foods is where we get most of it than rather than the shaker. >> reporter: hyper tension and hood blood pressure is a key risk in bringing cardio vascular decide. >> i'm going to rinse chips before i eat. >> there you go. >>> baltimore is on the list that most cities don't want to be on. america's worse commutes, the worse bottle next in our area, the baltimore beltway. the information was compiled through gps data nationwide. >> they could have asked any commuter and they could have told them. >>> coming clean with a confession after nearly three years. edwards making a stunning confession. >>> more than 2 million cars, trucks and suvs are being recalled. which ones an
to the united states? >> it was an in-describable experience. we can't -- it was long and tiring. but we made it and we're here and we can't really describe what we went through. it was difficult. >> p.j., are you still hopeful that your four missing friends and the into faculty advisers will be found, that potentially they could be somewhere on the eye island or in the dominican reabout public somewhere? >> yeah we are very hopeful. we were there. we were right by the hotel until the next afternoon. and we saw people being pulled out and alive and we keep hearing stories and we know -- i mean we have the faith, we'll keep the faith that they're going to be okay. and this is not going to be a success story up we have our other four students and our intotwo teachers back. and we are all praying that that is a big possibility. >> do you have anything that -- you were in haiti for two days. you were there on a hugh man tear yap mission. anything you'd like to say to the people of haiti to try to help them pull through this? >> playerrayer. prayer is the biggest thing that kept
executed by the united states but with very heavy support by the yemeni government. it was cruise missile strikes, in combination with military units on the ground, but it was a very disik signal from the obama administration that they are serious in assisting yemen remove these al qaeda facilities from its soil. >> reporter: the target, al qaeda of the arabian peninsula, an affiliate of osama bin laden's group with a popular following in yemen. the yemeni offshoot claimed responsibility for the attempted airliner bombing on christmas day, but american counter-terrorist teams have been track al qaeda in yemen since the uss "cole" bombing in 2000 and the u.s. military, include the army special forces, has been training yemeni counter-terrorist forces since 1990. the top american commander general david petraeus was reported to have visited yemen's capital. he said the u.s. is about to double the $70 million in aid. i didn't mean me local media report the three strikes on december 17 killed al qaeda targets, including one former guantanamo detainee. more strikes on christmas eve targeted am
are on -- airports are on high aremember the. frow new screening features for those flying into the united states. derek valcourt is live with the latest. >> reporter: travelers who want to get into the u.s. will be subject to mandatory full body patdowns carry on searches and body scans. people flying from nations considered to be sponsors of tearlism see the biggest changes. the new guidelines come more than a week after a man allegedly trying to blow up a u.s. airline on christmas day and another security breach grounded flights at new jersey's newark airport for six hours. thousands of passengers had to be rescreened after a man slipped past security by enterreg through an exit lane. the tsa says security video revealed he left through another exit about 20 minutes later. don. >> thank you very much. >>> tsa studies video of the breach to figure out the man's eye didn'tity and what he was trying to do. >>> we are -- identity and what he was trying to do. >>> police are investigating ball mere city first homicide of 2010. an unidentified man was found shot to death in the 2300 block of ocala a
britain, dozens of firefighters. from china, a million dollars in aid. and from the united states, hundreds of civilian aid workers. the fair fax county, virginia search and rescue team, experts at rescuing victims from collapsed structures, joined the effort. they deployed this morning and arrived in haiti late this afternoon. their team also includes physicians and paramedic, engineer, dogs. but they might all be astonished at what they found. >> they thereknee electricity, no water, food in short supply. and people are beginning to get desperate. >> reporter: haitians and hardship have had a long and bitter history here. that relationship hit a new low. byron pit abopits, cbs news at haitian border. >> u.s. military troop, ships an planes are arriving to aid in the rescue efforts and relief efforts. american transport planes brought in assessment teams and communication equipment. the aircraft care xwrer carl vinson is expected to arrive this afternoon and more navy ships are en route. and the uss baton with 2200 marines on board has been ordered to sale as soon as possible. 35
. >> because of the cold spell we've seen through most of the united states, that is impacting how investors look at what they think crude oil is going to do. and then we're also looking at the fact too that this time last year, although gas prices were significantly lower, we were just several months into the financial collapse. >>> this graph shows the 12 month national average for gas last year. maryland prices mirrored the nation. >> it could be better, gas prices could be down. because of the economy and stuff like that. but i think it would be better. >> reporter: experts advise you should also keep an eye on your heating bill this winter. it's expected that heating prices also will rise. >> somehow i think it's better if we don't look at all. gas prices will hit a national average of $3 by this summer. >>> and the ravens own ground crews stenciled the logo on the front grounds. the logo was also painted on federal hill. you can see the ravens face off with the patriots next sunday. >> way up in the chilly northeast. >>> move over iphone a new super phone is on the market. google is ma
. not just us, a good two-thirds of the 48 continuous united states will get above freezing. or in our case, you'll see temperatures go above normal. what a relief that is going to be. so just hang tough for another 48 hours. then there's light at the end of this current cold tunnel. first warning weather with meteorologist bernadette woods. >>> get ready to catch a ride today on today's downtown shuttle bus system. the free service, using hybrid buses, goes today on an east- west route. the circulators meant to cut congestion and pollution by offering the convenient form of public transportation. >> should be nice. >> yes. >>> still to come on wjz's eyewitness news at noon. a day of reckoning for the father of balloon boy. richard henie reports to jail today. >>> super prices for super bowl ads. we'll tell you how much it will cost for an ad for this year's game. >>> and taking a live look this -- noon, meteorologist bernadette woods will have a look at your first warning forecast. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, >>> the father of the so-called balloon boy began his 30-day sentence. despite his guilt
says he's osama bin laden and he's threatening the united states. >> america will never dream of living in peace. >> reporter: the arab network al-jazeera was the first to launch the tape. >> our attacks on you will continue. >> reporter: he also threatens president obama with more attacks on the u.s. if america continues to support israel. the obama administration is firing back. >> this is somebody that has to pop up in our lives over an audiotape because he's nothing but a cowardly murderess thug and terrorist. >> reporter: experts say it is similar to previous recordings by osama bin laden and that it does suggest another attack could occur within the next 12 months. >> we are going to continue to be on the offense against bin laden, against al-qaeda to protect the american people. >> reporter: in the minute long tape, bin laden also prays the would be christmas day bomber who admits to being trained by al-qaeda in yemen but terrorism experts say there is no evidence whatsoever that bin laden had anything to do with abdulmutallab's plot and the tape may be an attempt by bin laden to
that now affects more than 2.4 million vehicles. spread beyond the united states to china and europe. but they still have no details on exactly when drivers will see repairs or how. at issue in part is a problem with the accelerator which in rare cases gets stuck. possibly because of a condensation buildup that makes it unable to spring back properly. one consumer group says that has led to more than 2,000 sdintsd since 1999, including at least 275 crashes and 18 deaths. toyota has pointed to the maker of the acceleratoaccelerator, c says it has ramped up production of redesigned pelgtds. but that still leaves current drivers in limbo. what to do with their vehicles. >> my wife freaked out this morning and said it was unsafe to drive the car and so we can't drive the car. >> reporter: for toyota, a still developing business embarrassment. >> i think in the short term it will be very damaging for toyota and the toy owe it take fans and loyalists. >> reporter: and for millions of drivers, a continuing life and death concern. jeff glor, cbs news, new york. >>> the white house is reconsi
is devastating everyone in haiti's today. there is thousands of patients who are living in the united states that is worried about their families back home. >> they have watched the news reports, they have prayed for miracles, they are trying to reach their loved ones. paul called his younger brother patrick, asking what happened. >> what matters right now is i am here, and i am okay. >> >> laree ford worried about her family. >> everybody is in panic mode right now not knowing who is okay, who is not okay. >> >> rico dupree operates a radio station in new york that reaches out to those at home. >> it's torture. they want to see, they want to know, they can't. >> it's a back-drop of overwhelming dedication, there is signs of hope. >> she managed to reach her fatherly cell phone. >> how did that feel? >> all i heard was hello, and i heard my daughter say, daddy, and i was, all right, that's all i need to know. >> >> we have one couple who is sharing the terrifying ordeal. >> moment after the hurricane hit, frank got a call from julian, and she was trapped and she could not be saved for 12 to
a report saying the people of the united states are ready to offer help. >> we will be providing relief and humanitarian assistance, our prayers are with the people that have suffered. their families and their loved ones. >> reporter: the quake was quickly followed by powerful after shocks including one measuring 5.9. terrell brown, wjz news. >>> we have heard from several marylanders who are worried about their families wear abouts. call 1-888-407-4747. >>> a developing story out of northwest baltimore. a teenager is shot in the face just steps from where a high school basketball game was taking place. kai jackson was at the scene of the shooting. >> reporter: a 19-year-old man has been shot in the face and another male is currently being interviewed by baltimore city police. >> reporter: baltimore police say an altercation about 7:00 p.m. at a basketball game fell into the median of wind fall parkway but eventually went to the mall. >> it's natural, nowadays that's natural. it's just natural in baltimore city. >> reporter: but it shouldn't be. >> it shouldn't be. >> reporter: accordin
is ordered back to the united states. how it could effect his child molestation care. >>> the weekend is here, what will it bring? i'm bob turk, i'll have the complete first warning forecast, next. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, >>> it is 38 degrees with some clouds in central maryland right now. an incredible scene from phoenix as the house is about to fall because of eroding hillside. >>> polanski was arrested under a u.s. warrant. he is currently under house arrest and fighting extradition. >>> the wife of senator mccain appears on an ad endorsing same- sex marriage. the add shows cindy mccain and no h8 on her cheek. the group's website said cindy mccain contacted them and offered to participate in the ad. mccain says he respects his family's point of view, but he is still opposed to same-sex marriage. >>> what happened as a routine tip turned into a federal case. the story begins in the central district, especially here on mccullough. there's people inside a car with people believed to be selling drugs. they go to stop the car, the people inside see the police coming so they take off. >> reporter: poli
very well in the 20 century when the united states had an economy based on building things and moving things around. the economy has changed. >> reporter: and then there's the politics of education-- tenure and unions sometimes protecting even bad teachers. and with limited funds, there's always a budget battle. for example, more money for a successful charter school means less for public schools. >> too often people think everybody in education is just all about the kids. but it's an industry like any other where you have a variety of interests. >> reporter: the end result: only 70% of kids in this country graduate on time. in the district of columbia, it's more like half. and it's not because the school system doesn't have any money. >> we spend more money per child than almost any other jurisdiction in this country. and yet, our outcomes are at the absolute bottom. >> reporter: but rhee thinks she may have one solution for reforming education-- treat it like any other business. make educators accountable for their successes and failures. if you don't succeedaise principal or teache
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